Thursday, 3 December 2009

Shooting Plan

Our main video shoot required many people and we had to organise this correctly in order for everyone to know what they were doing. we printed a plan out for each group member therefor it minimises fuss and reduced the time it actually took to shoot the sequence.

Jade, Sarah and Shauni – filming The Plan

"We have brought you here today to help with the filming of one of the media studies groups. The story line is about a girl who goes to a dance audience but fails and this is the scene of the dance show she was not chosen for. She has come to the final show anyway and notices the audience are just watching and average performance and decides to jump up herself and steal the show. We will now stage a number of shots of you the audience, we will be grateful if you could participate, and follow our direction.

We will only be taking close up shots of those people who have already agreed, so no one should feel embarrassed because you are just a background crowd."

All audience
Shot of audience looking bored, clapping and looking around not very interested
Shot of Jade standing up and pushing through audience and coming down stairs audience looking confused and surprised

Standing ovation (screaming and clapping)

Shocked reaction shots (audience surprised looking around

Dismiss half the audience
Reaction shots of:
Mrs Wake
Mrs Parnell
Mrs Hopkinson
Mr Davidson
Stu and Mick

I found that with our shoot went exactly to plan and were pleased with the outcome. I believe this only worked because of the preparation that had gone into it before hand.

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