Thursday, 3 December 2009

Final Video

Final Printwork

This is my front cover and spine of the digipak

This is my inside cover of my digipak

This is my back cover of the Digipak

This is my poster.

Print work development

This image will be used as my main cover for the my digipak
changes to original image include:

  • black and white

  • brightness and contrast

  • change to levels

  • colour on the background has been brought back through and the hue has been adjusted to show a slightly differnt colour range.

I have decided to use a 4 panel digipak.

I have research posters that are relevant which has been promoted by HMV
This poster is promoting cherly cole and has the HMV logo on.

Still Images

We decided that we should go back to one of our previous locations to take still images for our print work, and because we only have a few shots of the subway location we felt that this would be the most effective. We also believe that the graffiti would add and edge whereas a plain background wouldn't.

We found that the images came out extremely well and that the graffiti for the background was and excellent representation of her working class background.

Editing-Transitions and Effects

To edit the music video I have used Imovie. This is a simple piece of editing software which allowed me to work from our Animatic and put our clips into a sequence which worked well with the music. I was then able to add the black and white effect onto each clip. Then i looked at each clip in detail and changed the speed of the clips.
I have worked with a total of 5 hours of filming and condensed it down to 3.08 minutes. After this process i exported the film into final cut to add the final soundtrack.

Black and White- My role is to edit the music video, after looking at the inspiration for our music video we had all agreed that our music video should be in black and white, once changing a clip to black and white we were reassured that this should be how our music video should look, after applying the black and white effect to all out clips we found it looked more professional
Transitions - I have applied a simple cross dissolve as the transitions as i didn't want the music to look as if there was to much going on. I feel that the simple transition allows the audience to concentrate more on the music video than fancy transitions.
Slow Motion - We also agreed that the shots should be slow motion, after slowing some shots down i found that some needed to be slowed more than others therefor i had to go through each individual clip and decided how slow to make the clips
Bringing the colour back through - After applying the black and white effect to all the clips i decided to play around with the effect of color coming back through which is shown in Beyonce- Broken-hearted girl music video. I decided that the colour should gradually come back through as she is becoming more confident and succeeding. I have added a little more saturation on each clip so that there isn't a very obvious change.
we wanted our music video to look continuous and for our audience to look at the dancing and the narrative rather than their eye catching a complicated transitions. I felt that a simple fade would be all that was necessary for our music video

Rough Cut

This is a rough cut of our music video, i have positioned all the clips similar to our animatic, this shows us roughly how or music video will look.

Shooting Plan

Our main video shoot required many people and we had to organise this correctly in order for everyone to know what they were doing. we printed a plan out for each group member therefor it minimises fuss and reduced the time it actually took to shoot the sequence.

Jade, Sarah and Shauni – filming The Plan

"We have brought you here today to help with the filming of one of the media studies groups. The story line is about a girl who goes to a dance audience but fails and this is the scene of the dance show she was not chosen for. She has come to the final show anyway and notices the audience are just watching and average performance and decides to jump up herself and steal the show. We will now stage a number of shots of you the audience, we will be grateful if you could participate, and follow our direction.

We will only be taking close up shots of those people who have already agreed, so no one should feel embarrassed because you are just a background crowd."

All audience
Shot of audience looking bored, clapping and looking around not very interested
Shot of Jade standing up and pushing through audience and coming down stairs audience looking confused and surprised

Standing ovation (screaming and clapping)

Shocked reaction shots (audience surprised looking around

Dismiss half the audience
Reaction shots of:
Mrs Wake
Mrs Parnell
Mrs Hopkinson
Mr Davidson
Stu and Mick

I found that with our shoot went exactly to plan and were pleased with the outcome. I believe this only worked because of the preparation that had gone into it before hand.


We have chosen many varied locations which are iconic to the North East. We have several different Mise en scene chosen specifcally to encahnce the quality of our music video.
-School Stage- We have used the school stage to shoot the audition shots and also the final showcase, the stage looks very professional and the final audience shot allows us to create the feeling that there is many people watching.
-Beach - We have chosen the beach becasue it is a vast area where the girl can be free, we have used this area to let the girl dance around and relise her dreams.
- Millenium bridge - We have chosen this location because it is very iconic to the North East, we feel that we should have shots of the Girl Dancing infront of the Sage Gateshead becuase it is a iconic music building.
-Subway - We have chosen this location to show the background the girl comes from, we believe that this grafetti subway shows why she is fighting and the area she is fighting to get out of.

-School Hall- This was used for our main shoot where we fimled out audience.

Final Song Choice

initially we had chosen to use the instrumental version of Sigur Ros - hoppipolla, as well as chicane's radio mix of this song - poppiholla. We were going to mix the two versions of this song together, the final song will start slow and gradually build tempo towards the end of our music video.
However after trying to mix the two songs together we realised the contrast between the two pieces of music's tempo was to big. We could not mix the two songs together without there being a very obvious mix.
We have chosen a music specifically with no words as this allows the audience to watch the music video in depth without listening to much to words. I believe that the music is very inspirational and will let the audience relate it to their own lives and ambitions.


We have produced an animatic by filming our storyboard and editing the clips together to give a rough image of how our music video will be put together.


For our music video our narrative is a girl from a working class background trying to succeed, she has been rejected because of her social class but comes back any way to show that no matter where you are from you can succeed. We have chosen to use a dancing audition to portray our narrative. We have looked at many different dancing videos and trailers for inspiration.

Billy Elliot - i love to boogie scene -

- inspiration from narrative, poor girl from a working class background.

Gerri haliwell- fame

Alisha Dixon- breathe slow

Inspiration for music video following black and white conventions, slow motion.

Beyonce - broken-hearted girl

This music video starts in black and white then gradually builds to colour towards the end as her mood and the narrative changes.

Video practice – Get Carter

In Preparation for filming our music we have decided to film a sequence from Get Carter, we recreated the scenes from Get Carter which allowed us to help us get used to filming with the new cameras, we practiced a range of shots from long shots to extreme close ups and also experiment with framing, we have recreated the scenes from Get Carter.

Research and Preparation

- Poor/less off working class girl attends audition for dance production
- A number of other girls who are, neat, tidy & precise are an obvious threat to girls chances of succeeding
- The girl fails, & the other girls look down on her, snobby attitude
- Girl is really upset, feels really down, walks home alone, head down
- Goes home & cries on her bed
- Decides to stop feeling sorry for herself
- Goes out and practices dancing around her local area, in front of landmarks
- Plucks up the courage to go and attend the show she was meant to be in, with an idea in mind
- Sits in audience and realises people around her aren’t very impressed with show
- Jumps up from her seat and runs onto stage
- Intrudes on the other girls performance & puts audience at shock
- Other girl leaves stage & she starts to dance
- The room fills with a stand ovation
- The girl finish’s with a bow, to conclude her determination, happiness & success.
Moral of the story, don’t give up on your dreams, follow your heart & if you put your mind to it you can succeed despite your social status.

Stage 3

stage 2

Stage 1

After looking at our questionnaire results we have put together as storyline that reflects what our target audeince wants.


We distributed our questionnaire out to 20 girls aged 10-18 as this was our target audience.


Idea 2

This is our second idea where we decided to use the song "poppiholla" by chicane. We thort that this song would be more inspirational and we would be able to fit an obvious narrative to it.

Idea 1

This was our original idea, we were particually interested in using the song "Funhouse" by pink. we thought this song would be a playful song to work with.

A level brief

In my A Level Project i am working in a group with Sarah and Shauni we are filming a music video and we each have individual responsibility's.Shauni will be directing the music video,Sarah will be filming our music video,I will be editing the music video.we have chose to produce a promotional package for the release of an album, to include a music video, together with the following- a cover for its release as part of a digipack- a magazine advertisement for the digipack