Thursday, 3 December 2009


We have chosen many varied locations which are iconic to the North East. We have several different Mise en scene chosen specifcally to encahnce the quality of our music video.
-School Stage- We have used the school stage to shoot the audition shots and also the final showcase, the stage looks very professional and the final audience shot allows us to create the feeling that there is many people watching.
-Beach - We have chosen the beach becasue it is a vast area where the girl can be free, we have used this area to let the girl dance around and relise her dreams.
- Millenium bridge - We have chosen this location because it is very iconic to the North East, we feel that we should have shots of the Girl Dancing infront of the Sage Gateshead becuase it is a iconic music building.
-Subway - We have chosen this location to show the background the girl comes from, we believe that this grafetti subway shows why she is fighting and the area she is fighting to get out of.

-School Hall- This was used for our main shoot where we fimled out audience.

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