Thursday, 26 March 2009

This is my finished article:

Born and raised in Newcastle, she is a thorough Geordie girl, your typical tomboy, she loves the ‘toon’ and the black and white stripes are never far from thought nor discussion; so dedicated to her football team is she, that the team here at BEAT, notice straight away that she is wearing the team scarf, hat and she is proudly wearing the brand new away football top, the one that isn’t even in shops to the public yet, “Well the job does have it’s perks” she reveals more than happily.

As we sit down, we learn of her other passions, besides Newcastle United! Talking about her singing we find out what it takes to become a star in 2009; learn of the two faced backstabbers that drove her to the near point of destruction and her secretive career as a top writer for some pretty big Hollywood names…

We know that your beloved team lost their first premiership match of the season yesterday…we thought best we talked about them first and get it out of the way…
I know! I’m devastated, I was really hoping for a good start to the season. ‘Start the way you mean to finish it’ and all that. To be fair we did deserve to win it the way we came back strong in the second half. Never mind there’s always next time…Sunderland derby soon…that should be eventful!

How are you enjoying your new career in the business Josie?
It’s definitely different to say the least…I mean being in Los Angeles is a total culture shock. The people look like they have come straight from a conveyor belt from some plastic surgeon’s office, there all identical! I can’t relax when I’m there; I don’t think I’m cosmopolitan enough to fit in…I’m a tomboy at heart!

You sound like your not enjoying it?!
Oh no no! I love my career, I love everything about it…the singing, dancing, writing, and producing. I love hearing my songs playing on the radio. These past few months have been more than I could ever imagine. It’s just some people and places don’t mix well with me…and L.A is one of them.

Ooh, sounds a bit bitchy, is there anything you want to share with Beat?
Don’t make me sound horrible! Haha, I am a lovely person ask all my friends, I just don’t like the sort of people that live in L.A, there all fake and chase desperately after fame! It’s degrading and from my experiences, half of them haven’t got any talent, never mind what it takes to make it. Not that I’m an expert in this field or anything, but it’s just obvious when you’ve ‘got it’!

Very blunt…we like it…
Yeah well I know what I like and I know what I don’t. I’m not afraid of saying what I think of something and more often that not in this industry some one! This personality trait comes in handy all the time I assure you, I’m actually quite thankful I know how to stand my ground, as you always get the music big cats trying to tell you what is the ‘best direction’ and what you should be doing for the fans, when half the time they talk rubbish…they only do what’s best for their wallets!

Do we sense disruptions at the company then?
Well of course we’ve had our disagreements, but they know that I’m the sort of person that isn’t going to take anything without a fight. I do get on well with the execs in the company though most of the time. They have launched my career and I am really nothing but thankful for that opportunity which they have given me. We do have our odd moments but unlike some companies, we always sort everything out in the end…normally to their advantage but every now and then I do get my way…give it a couple more years and it will all be up to me…I guarantee it!

Positive thinking… we like! How are you enjoying life at the top Maddison, it must’ve been quite a shock to the system?
It’s been so weird, people know who I am and they are singing my songs! It is definitely a shock to the system. I mean, there was this one day when I was just having a little bite to eat at this cafĂ© in Newcastle, one of the rare moments when I was at home during the whole recording process. So obviously I was enjoying the alone time with a few of my close family, when three girls cam running up to me, screaming “There’s Josie! There’s Josie” It was madness! This happened during the recording process as I said…so it was before any of my material was even out in the shops. I knew right then that this was big! That this was actually happening!

It must have felt amazing?
Well at the time, I was really having trouble writing up some new material; it was like I was going through this total mind block, I felt like giving up. Like I couldn’t do it, like I wasn’t cut out to be this big star that all the record executives were making me out to be. I mean the pressure in this business is unreal. It was a really difficult time in the complicated process of making an album. Luckily I know now that I got what every artist gets…it’s normal to feel like that…so I had took a few days for rest and relaxation, to sort of get myself together. That was when the girls had came running up to me, it was this unreal boost, and I am thankful that they did what they did; it couldn’t have come at a better time, to this day I feel like those three girls helped me in ways they just don’t understand.

We didn’t realise recording an album was so hard?!
OMG neither did I! Every single day there is people throwing money at you, you feel like you have a responsibility to them all as well; I mean the amount of money some of the studios cost for just a day are astronomical. The pressure builds up as well with every day that passes, the day you get a mind block is the day that people stop believing in you; the day that people stop believing in you is the day they stop funding you and the day that that happens…well that’s when your album doesn’t get made. It’s like one big vicious circle…and it all comes down to you performing on the spot. It’s hard work!

Well how did the album go then in the end? Are you happy with it?
I’m ecstatic! I know I complain that it was hard work but it was all definitely worth it, I have an album out…a brand new, totally original album that’s full of my songs. The people I worked with as well made the whole process that much better, I feel like I should I just mention their tremendous help, particularly the people at Sony Records, they were, when it came to down the wire near the end…absolute star’s. I clouldnt possibly have done it without them.

What about the new single, happy with how that turned out?
Well I’m absolutely proud as ever about this new single, I hope it does well. I heard from my manager yesterday that it was climbing fast in the mid week chart’s, he said he thinks it’s going to be a contender for number one! Imagine that…Josie with a number one! Wow, that would be an absolute dream come true. Well I mean for all the trouble we have had with the single, that’s the least it deserves to get. We’ve had a nightmare getting it out to the public, the stress it’s caused has been enough to last me a lifetime.

Really?! Where would that stress derive from?
Well to be honest I’m not allowed to say much as the legal proceedings are still happening…probably as we speak. Basically what happened is that this song is mine! I wrote it; I thought up the melodies, I performed it for months before it was officially recorded to be used as my single. When I got the record deal, my best friend (at the time) was with me every step of the way, she was present at every meeting, and she came to all the parties…everything! When the single started getting good feedback from people high up in the business, and more to the point, when the money started to roll in, not that I got much of it, she suddenly started to claim that the single was hers! That she had written it and that I hadn’t had anything to do with its production! We both knew that this was absolute rubbish, to put it politely! So began a huge legal dispute, my people got involved and she brought in her lawyers, and she is trying to get the rights for the song…over my dead body!

Sounds harsh, we take it you’re not speaking now?
Hell no! I hate that two faced cow… she ruined a really big, really important moment on my career and tried to make it her own. What sort of friend does that; we had been inseparable for almost five years! As soon as she sniffed money she showed her true colours, it really hurt me, I couldn’t trust anyone as much as I did her and it’s been really hard not having her here. It’s the ultimate slap in the face that she did that, our friendship apparently meant nothing! That’s all I can say on the subject…

Where do you get the inspiration for your music?
Ahh, I get it from all over the place. Be it the weather outside, the mood I’m feeling when I wake up; the people I’ve talked to that day…it can be anything! I can write songs about basically anything what I want, not that there all number one’s but they all mean something to me when I look back at them. They all remind me of something whether it is important, insignificant, massive or just a little story that I found amusing.

Sounds easy! How come Electric can’t come up with hit songs every day?
Ha-ha well what can I say I have a gift! No I’m joking, I love what I do and so you normally find something a ton easier to do if you’re enjoying it.
I hope I can do this for the next fifty years, I feel so privileged that I can do something every day that I love, my Father worked in a dead end 9-5 job and that was probably the most depressing thought we both had for my future…and the fact that I’ve made my family proud, especially my Dad, seeing as I am a bit of a Daddy’s girl, means the world to me!

We’ve heard rumours about a new single with Justin Timberlake? Any truth in the gossip?
Well his people have showed an interest to my people…that’s all I know really! I would absolutely love to record something with him; he’s a brilliant artist, one of my favourite in the business in fact. It would be an honour.

Anyone else you’re interested in working with?
I’m a big fan of Timbaland, his work is groundbreaking, totally original and he makes hit after hit! I’m sure that he could mix something up for me…I wish more like!

You’ll have people queuing to work with you as soon as the album is released on the charts…
Wow I hope so, I think working with other people in the industry is a brilliant idea, sharing lyrics and melodies is what it’s all about, helps make the world go round lol!


For my two page article i decided to use a picture of the model as the background. I changed the levels, brightness and contrast, and hue and saturation to make the more transparent so that the writting on the page would still stand out. I used the coulour scheme black, Bright Green and bright Pink which is the same as my front cover and contents , i decided to keep the house style the same as it looks more realistic and from the same magazine.

This is the picture i used for the background i like this image beacuse she is looking directly out at the audience in an inviting pose according to Marjorie Ferguson.
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here is a different side to her character; it shows a pensive thoughtful side to her.

I chose this image as it shows a very fun young side to her and her love for music, this images shows she is having a good time.