Thursday, 15 January 2009

CD Cover

For the two page article which feature in my magazine i have decided to write about the artist new single. I have also made the CD cover and it will also be with this article. to make the cover i choose another photo that we took of the model this time close up. I changed the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. I also made her eyes blue and her lips pink and added a the title of Josie in a suitable font.

chosen photo

Once i had took the photos i had to choose a suitable one for the front cover. I choose a meduim close up of the model and edited it in photoshop. I change the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast, to make the model have more colour and stand out from the page.


Now having collected my research and tryed out a few things i was ready to take photos. Sarah and I used a model with long blonde curly hair. She wore bright coloured clothes and had extravigant makup on. we decided on this as we really like the rock/pop image we had aready investiagted. We took many different photos from different angles and i really like the results.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Title examples

I have looked at titles on other magazines and tryed out a few examples that i may use. i took into account the colours shceme that was prefered according to my questionnaire.

Other magazines

As part of my project i analysed some other music magazines and some images in the style i want to achieve in my magazine.



As part of my research and planning I decided to gather information in the form of a questionnaire. I asked 25 people who I considered to be my target audience what they would like to see in a magazine.

These are the results:

1) What kind of magazine do you prefer?
· Music 20
· Celebrity 3
· Film/TV 2
· Real life 1

2) What title would you like to see on the magazine?
· Beat 17
· Rhythm 3
· Baseline 4
· Electric 1

3) Which colour scheme would you like to see?
· pink 8
· Yellow 4
· black 8
· Orange 0
· green5
· Purple 0

4) What articles would you like to see in the magazine?
· Interviews with Celebes 18
· Competitions 3
· Gossip columns 1
· Style and beauty tips 1
· Concert reviews 2

5) Would you prefer a male of female on the cover?
· Female 19
· Male 4
· Don’t mind 2

6) What style of music magazine would you prefer to buy?
· Rock/pop 15
· Classical 4
· Punk 2
· R&B 2
· Rap 2

7) How much would you spend on a magazine?
· £1.50-£2.50 21
· £2.50-£3.50 3
· £3.50+ 1

8) What would convince you to buy a new music magazine?
· Free tickets 4
· Meet stars 10
· First look at new music 3
· Free CD’s 3
· Free downloads 3
· I tunes credit 2


I will be working with sarah mcgill and we are planning to do three serperate pieces of a music magazine, Howevere we will be using the same model and same house style of magazine. The title and fonts will be the same however we will be using different images and adifferent story.
I will produce a front cover, contents page and a two page article on my model.
The genre of magazine will be pop/rock. There will also be side storys on the magazine where i will use images of other models i have taken myself.

I am going to produce a questionnaire, also try lots of differenet styles and colours for the title of the magazine and also decide on which colourscheme the magazine will have. To do this i will have to reseach and look at lots of different magazines and comment on what i like and dont like and what i may want to appear on my magazine.

prelimiary contents page

This is my contents page i produced as part of my preliminary work. I used the same colorscheme as my front cover to keep the house style the same. I put the title of the magazine in the same font as the front cover. i also used realistic storys and put some more photos on that i have taken. I put the model who was on the front onto the contents page in a different image as she is the main story.

Preliminary front cover

As part of my priliminary work i had to produce a school magazine . I took photos and style the magazine cover using photoshop. I used articles titles that woudl be appropriate in a achool magazine. I use a colour scheme that consited of the colours that were present on the school logo, blue yellow and white. I used a mediun close up of teh model as it sommonly used on magazine covers, i also put a price and bar code on teh magazine which made it more realistic.