Thursday, 3 December 2009

Editing-Transitions and Effects

To edit the music video I have used Imovie. This is a simple piece of editing software which allowed me to work from our Animatic and put our clips into a sequence which worked well with the music. I was then able to add the black and white effect onto each clip. Then i looked at each clip in detail and changed the speed of the clips.
I have worked with a total of 5 hours of filming and condensed it down to 3.08 minutes. After this process i exported the film into final cut to add the final soundtrack.

Black and White- My role is to edit the music video, after looking at the inspiration for our music video we had all agreed that our music video should be in black and white, once changing a clip to black and white we were reassured that this should be how our music video should look, after applying the black and white effect to all out clips we found it looked more professional
Transitions - I have applied a simple cross dissolve as the transitions as i didn't want the music to look as if there was to much going on. I feel that the simple transition allows the audience to concentrate more on the music video than fancy transitions.
Slow Motion - We also agreed that the shots should be slow motion, after slowing some shots down i found that some needed to be slowed more than others therefor i had to go through each individual clip and decided how slow to make the clips
Bringing the colour back through - After applying the black and white effect to all the clips i decided to play around with the effect of color coming back through which is shown in Beyonce- Broken-hearted girl music video. I decided that the colour should gradually come back through as she is becoming more confident and succeeding. I have added a little more saturation on each clip so that there isn't a very obvious change.
we wanted our music video to look continuous and for our audience to look at the dancing and the narrative rather than their eye catching a complicated transitions. I felt that a simple fade would be all that was necessary for our music video

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