Thursday, 3 December 2009

Research and Preparation

- Poor/less off working class girl attends audition for dance production
- A number of other girls who are, neat, tidy & precise are an obvious threat to girls chances of succeeding
- The girl fails, & the other girls look down on her, snobby attitude
- Girl is really upset, feels really down, walks home alone, head down
- Goes home & cries on her bed
- Decides to stop feeling sorry for herself
- Goes out and practices dancing around her local area, in front of landmarks
- Plucks up the courage to go and attend the show she was meant to be in, with an idea in mind
- Sits in audience and realises people around her aren’t very impressed with show
- Jumps up from her seat and runs onto stage
- Intrudes on the other girls performance & puts audience at shock
- Other girl leaves stage & she starts to dance
- The room fills with a stand ovation
- The girl finish’s with a bow, to conclude her determination, happiness & success.
Moral of the story, don’t give up on your dreams, follow your heart & if you put your mind to it you can succeed despite your social status.

Stage 3

stage 2

Stage 1

After looking at our questionnaire results we have put together as storyline that reflects what our target audeince wants.


We distributed our questionnaire out to 20 girls aged 10-18 as this was our target audience.


Idea 2

This is our second idea where we decided to use the song "poppiholla" by chicane. We thort that this song would be more inspirational and we would be able to fit an obvious narrative to it.

Idea 1

This was our original idea, we were particually interested in using the song "Funhouse" by pink. we thought this song would be a playful song to work with.

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