Thursday, 26 March 2009


For my two page article i decided to use a picture of the model as the background. I changed the levels, brightness and contrast, and hue and saturation to make the more transparent so that the writting on the page would still stand out. I used the coulour scheme black, Bright Green and bright Pink which is the same as my front cover and contents , i decided to keep the house style the same as it looks more realistic and from the same magazine.

This is the picture i used for the background i like this image beacuse she is looking directly out at the audience in an inviting pose according to Marjorie Ferguson.
i also used lots of smaller images in my article here is three:
I like this image as she is looking directly at the camera and at the audience, also it is funky and fiesty, and sugesting she is fun person, people who buy the magazine will want to have the lifestyle she has and aspired to be like her.

here is a different side to her character; it shows a pensive thoughtful side to her.

I chose this image as it shows a very fun young side to her and her love for music, this images shows she is having a good time.

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