Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I will be working with sarah mcgill and we are planning to do three serperate pieces of a music magazine, Howevere we will be using the same model and same house style of magazine. The title and fonts will be the same however we will be using different images and adifferent story.
I will produce a front cover, contents page and a two page article on my model.
The genre of magazine will be pop/rock. There will also be side storys on the magazine where i will use images of other models i have taken myself.

I am going to produce a questionnaire, also try lots of differenet styles and colours for the title of the magazine and also decide on which colourscheme the magazine will have. To do this i will have to reseach and look at lots of different magazines and comment on what i like and dont like and what i may want to appear on my magazine.

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